Endless Valley Stables
Spring Green, WI
Makon Buzzell
      Makon has been riding since she was 12 years old. Her formal riding education began in Hunt Seat, but
through a retired eventer she was introduced to Dressage.  This special Thoroughbred was going blind from
Equine Recurring Uveitis and it was the amazing way that Dressage allowed the two to communicate that hooked
Makon on Dressage training and principles.

Since then Makon has held two working student positions for Dressage trainers Tim Martin and Andrew
Harbison.  Locally Makon has ridden with Binky Krahn and Lisa Sharer who have both trained their own horses
to the upper levels of Dressage and are happy to share their wisdom with her.  She also continues her education
with clinicians such as Tamra Brown, Sue Kolstad, Walter Zettl, and Jennifer Kotylo.

Makon is an experienced trainer and instructor having taught day camp, Western, Hunt Seat, and Dressage
since 1998.  Her training experience spans from wild mustangs to imported warmbloods, including gaited horses.  
Whether teaching or training there is always a focus on cross-training - indoors, outdoors, trails, poles, lungeing,
etc.  The goals are for the horse and rider to achieve relaxation, rhythm, and harmony.
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