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For the first time about ili, a manual electronic translator who does not need a connection to the Internet for work, the world heard it last year. Then he was a simple prototype. Many were wondering whether the device will remain at this stage or still at some point will be able to break into the market. And now its developers stepped forward, stating when the device ili can be bought. And at what price.
Each ili translator is programmed to translate one particular language to another. However, it is possible that in the future it will be possible to add additional languages. At the moment, buyers are limited in options. Translators are available from English to Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or Japanese. Either with Mandarin Chinese in English or Japanese. The device supports only one-way translation. That is, one translator ili can translate your English phrases into Japanese, but will not be able to translate for you the English-speaking interlocutor’s answer. So it’s best to use it to ask questions that involve “yes” or “no” answers, or gestures.

The vocabulary of devices is also limited. Mostly it contains words and phrases related to shopping or transport. Such sets of phrases are most often used by tourists, who will become the main target audience for the translator ili. But if you need a technical translation , then you can not do without professionals, and there are not many of them on the market.

To work with an interpreter, simply press the button, and then say the phrase to the device that needs to be translated. Keep to the short and simple phrases, not forgetting the limited capabilities of the device. Then you release the button, the device translates your phrase and sounds it. No screen or display, which would translate the text of the translation, no. Therefore, the user can only hope that ili correctly recognizes his speech and translates adequately.

Starting from June 30, you can begin to make pre-orders for the device. The price is announced at $ 189, sending to the first customers will begin in October. And look at ili in action, you can on a demo video, submitted by the developers.

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